K Bay Caffe

We are a small, organic, artisan, craft roasting company. This online marketplace is a way for people to access our craft, yet we would like to encourage you to do it in a way that supports the small farmer, roaster and local community. We opened ourselves to this marketplace when our cafe closed but would still like to only engage in transactions where the farmer is making more than the shipping company.

If you are outside of Alaska, please order at least 5lbs and shipping is free to you. In Alaska, it is better to order at least 3lbs but again shipping is free if you order 5lbs. It never really makes sense to ship one or two pounds of coffee, support your local organic coffee roaster instead.

We roast Monday-Thursday so if you order Thursday-Sunday, there is a good chance it will be roasted Monday and ship Tuesday. Orders received will go on the roast schedule for the next roast session

Love, Health & Gratitude

KBay features awesome tasting beans from around the world that are carefully roasted to perfection...

Trip Advisor User GC404

They take pride in their coffee and it shows. I'm very picky about the flavor of beans and I am always satisfied.

Trip Advisor User Joell S

The consistent attention to quality and taste cannot be beat.

Trip Advisor User JanieandJimmie